FOCUS C3 is an innovative engineering platform developed to deliver an outstanding SMART and Energy Efficient solutions  for Buildings, Campuses, Industrial plant and Marine installations.

Originally formed in 1996 FOCUS C3 has evolved over the years to become a leading provider of integrated and converged products to empower  system integrators with SMART concepts and products.

FOCUS is one of the leading networking Infrastructure companies, developing its own networking products and solutions with the main aim of integrating high speed data networks, providing mobility, security and inter-operability of IP convergence devices, managed and operated on a single Fibre Optic Communication Unified System.
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The FOCUS solution together with its inline products, is based on the 4 layer Framework approach: the Passive Layer, Active Layer, System Layer and Application and Supervisory Management Layer. 

Additionally, Focus offers its unique product line in order to keep the different components of your building automation, security and life safety, and energy management systems running smoothly and cost effectively.

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FOCUS C3 has been committed to providing premium products and services since the business began trading in 1996.  To support this commitment we have worked hard on R&D and to establish strong relationships with certification bodies and OEM manufactures to develop products addressing the FOCUS concept with IOT (Internet of things) support.



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FOCUS VisionStream

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The Focus product line is made up of a combination of devices based on IP Ethernet which are then in turn integrated on a Unified Redundant Fiber Optic infrastructure.  Focus products are mainly subdivided into the six product streams listed below:
  • FOCUS VisionStream
  • FOCUS VisionZone IPCCTV
  • FOCUS EndPoint
  • FOCUS ComfortLine
  • FOCUS FibreJet
These products are currently being used in all of our installations however at the moment these cannot be purchased separately.  We are currently working to offer these products as off-the-shelf and will be available in the coming months.  In the meantime, if you require any information please feel free to contact us.


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